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Hole 3


This spectacular hole will leave you with a sense of relief, or shaking your head. There is a lot going on here and little room for error. While a birdie opportunity awaits, the dreaded "other" can find it's way to your scorecard, if you stray.

A well placed drive will leave you with a fairway wood or mid to long iron for your second shot. There is a pond on both sides of the fairway, so accuracy is a must. Played as designed, you will have a short iron over the water, into the green. Don't bail out with a long shot in or you may find yourself in the woods behind the green or hung up in the high grass on a severe down slope. The green can be tricky when putting down hill. Touch and break may fool the first time visitor.

Walking off with a par or birdie, will always leave you with a smile!

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